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"I just wanted to let you know that I referred a co-worker of mine, whose daughter will be entering high school this fall, to Northpoint. She went to the information meeting last night and was so impressed by you and the school. I wanted to say thank you for all that you do. I am so proud that [my daughter] is a student there. The staff there has really helped her grow, think, and learn about the world and herself. I refer every parent I know to consider Northpoint as an option for their children."
- Proud Northpoint Parent

Enrollment Information

Northpoint will gather applications for the 2014/2015 school year until April 1, 2014. At that time a lottery will be conducted to fill all available spaces.  Students who apply after that date or are not drawn, will participate in the monthly lottery on the first day of each month until capacity is reached.

We encourage all interested students to apply, be interviewed and get a spot in the next lottery in case openings arise.  While some grade levels are full, we do attempt to fill all slots as quickly as possible.  Please complete the enrollment steps outlined below so you are ready to transfer if you are selected.  DO NOT DISENROLL FROM YOUR CURRENT SCHOOL UNTIL YOU HEAR FROM US- it is important to keep up your grades, attendance and credit for transfer.

*or a day of shadowing a current student (call office to arrange)

   Attend a Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy Information Session (or arrange a shadow-day)  to learn more about the best, independent, charter high school in the Prescott area.

All parents, prospective students, friends and interested individuals should attend!

All Info Sessions are held at 5:30pm in NELA Room 111

April 15th  |  May 13th

June 17th  |  July 15th  |  August 5th


Location: Northpoint 551 First St.

Waiting lists are developing now, hurry and apply for the next lottery round!
Lotteries will be held on the first and fifteenth of each month if needed.

Thank you for your interest in Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy! Students in grade 8 - 12 from the tri-city area are welcome to apply for enrollment.

Enrollment process:

1. INFORMATION SESSION- Must be attended by all interested parents and students (see schedule above)
2. ELIGIBILITY PACKET- Must be delivered to the Northpoint office  


Eligibility packet includes:


A. Northpoint Student Entrance Survey (Application)

B. Copy of transcript from most recent school attended

C. Copy of attendance record from most recent school attended

D. Copy of IEP/504 if applicable

E. Certificate of attendance at an Information Session or a day of shadowing with a current NELA student


3. INTERVIEW- Will be scheduled after eligibility packet is completed and delivered to Northpoint office.


F. Compatibility rating scale

G. Writing sample and math placement test

(Must demonstrate adequate score for placement in available courses)


Class sizes:

Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy believes that students learn best in classrooms containing fewer than 25 students.  We will maintain class sizes of 25.  Our maximum per grade level depends on the courses offered and the class sizes.  When a course fills to 25 students, all remaining applicants will move to the wait list for lottery drawing.  Please email or call for futher information. Crew classes and Intensives will have fewer students than core academic classes.


Lottery information:  (ARS 15-184)


Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy shall enroll all pupils who submit a completed eligibility packet prior to March 31, unless the number of pupils exceeds the noted capacity of any given class (25). If capacity is insufficient to enroll all eligible pupils who submit an eligibility packet prior to March 31, then a lottery of all eligible applicants shall be conducted on April 1. All eligible pupils thereafter will be entered into a lottery, closing on the last day of each month, which shall be conducted on the first day of each month until the start of school. Additional lottery dates may be added as the start of school nears.


Students will remain enrolled until a withdrawal is completed. Once enrolled, this procedure does not need to be repeated (except as stated below). Preference will be given in accordance with the law.

For all interested students and parents who want to learn more about a typical day at NELA please stop by for a tour or take the time to visit for a half day.

If you would like more information please contact the office at 717-3272.


Images of Northpoint

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