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Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy Attire

 Dress Code 

Because of the high expectations we have for all students, the involvement with the community and our focus on quality work, we have adopted a selection of approved school shirts that all students will be required to wear.  These must be worn when students arrive on campus and remain on until students leave (not just in classrooms, but at all times in the building and as required on school trips). Exceptions to this may apply on a case by case basis (as in camping trips or work projects) Coats may be worn outside, but are to come off when students enter the building. Layers may be worn under attire for warmth.


A wide variety of shirt styles are available that include the school logo. Vests, jackets, hats and additional styles can be ordered online at or 928-632-0124.  Students can select their own bottom wear, provided that it meets the following guidelines.

Dress code rules:

--School shirts must be clearly visible as the top layer.  If that layer is removable, then a school shirt must also be underneath (zippers, hoodies)


--School shirts should not be altered in any way- this includes but is not limited to markers, paint, knots, glitter, adornments, alterations, tears, holes. If you are not sure, ask at the office before you enter the main building.


--Shorts must have an inseam longer than two inches (dollar bill height).


--Pants must not be excessively baggy or sagging; underwear and skin must be covered.


--Skirts or dresses must not be more than six inches from the top of the kneecap or have suitable garments underneath to ensure modesty (dollar bill length).


 --Shoes must be worn at all times (not slippers, not socks) with exceptions made by office staff or crew leader as needed.


--Clothing, packs and materials with obscene words, slogans, drug, tobacco, alcohol references, or other disrespectful appearance is not allowed.


--Clothing, packs or materials that may be interpreted as gang affiliation or

discrimination toward a particular group is not allowed.


--Appropriate head coverings (including caps, bandanas, etc.) are allowed inside the building, but must be removed upon request from staff. (Except religious headgear)


--Clothing that causes damage or is a safety concern is not allowed


--Clothing should be selected that is appropriate for daily events; this could include walking shoes and attire for outside activities.




(i.e.-zippered/button even if they are NELA)


Simply stated- don’t show up with anything but Northpoint on top

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