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Student Quotes

"Perhaps what has opened my mind the most at Northpoint has been the intensives. Songwriting in particular has opened a new facet in my life that will influence my life forever – Thanks Northpoint."

"I love Northpoint! My class is like my family!"

"Circle up everyone!"

"I have had an incredible experience with the people at this school. They all want the same thing, an education that prepares them for the future."

NELA Intensives

At the end of each term, students will participate in intensives, which are extended periods of time dedicated to the study of one topic, subject or may involve assistance in making-up and reaching learning targets not met in the previous term. Northpoint intensives have come to be recognized as exciting, high quality educational pursuits in the area of elective studies.




Jan. 23, 2009

From Mr. Michael Buss:
"I wanted to let you know about my observation of the intensive that Mr. Smith's students did. I originally thought of how this could have been a disaster mixing young kids and old adults together. I couldn't have been more wrong. These students were like a beacon for Northpoint.  They were well mannered, well prepared, and very respectful to their audiences. As the students were dancing beautifully, I could see the gleam in the eyes of these white and gray haired people, whether they were astonished on how well these kids were performing or reflecting on their younger days and how they loved to dance. I know the kids made some of this older generation's day just by the look in their eyes and the smiles on their faces. When they were asked to participate with the students at first they were a little hesitant (kind of like us verses them mentality), but as they started to intermingle it was as if there was no age difference, just a partner to dance with. The kids did so great with them even if they were in a wheelchair or weren't very mobile. When it came time to interview this forgotten generation, I found that some of the questions asked were quite thoughtful as well as some of the answers given to the students. More importantly I saw young and old communicating and understanding each other with acceptance without age difference.  I thought to myself, what a better world this would be if we all took the time talk and listen without prejudices or age differences."

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