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Quotes from Senior Passage Portfolio Reflections:

Northpoint has given me the opportunity to learn about myself, get accepted to a university with a scholarship, and know my strengths and weaknesses. Most kids do not get the opportunity to go deep into themselves in order to fully understand themselves and how they can use both their strengths and weaknesses to their advantage. Thanks to Northpoint I have had these opportunities, and also had the chance to grow not only physically, but mentally, socially, and personally.

Now, I can walk into a room full of strangers and not be scared to approach someone. This I account to Crew because of all of the initiatives we do, being forced to get uncomfortably close, or have trust in someone you just met really puts you out of your comfort zone. When this happens over and over, it allows me to just be comfortable with everyone, even that I don’t know. -- ERIKA

Throughout my years in high school I have grown more independent. I have also learned to step out of my shell and feel more confident in myself. --CAILIN

Each wilderness orientation has a similar story of rain, challenges and also great accomplishment. Each year I learned something new about the people around me and myself. I learned that I have great strength within me that I can use to support the people around me that need it; I learned that I can offer comic relief when it is needed most; but one of the most important things that I learned about myself is that while I have lots of wonderful things to offer to other people I still need to make sure that I get my own physical and emotional needs met and that I can only do that when I surround myself with people that are capable of offering that.

From the entire experience I learned that perseverance can really pay off and that if Plan A fails Plan B can turn out to be even better than Plan A. --ANDY

High school has definitely changed me for the better. Some teens, when they enter high school, tend to be molded into someone they don’t want to be. I think at Northpoint I never once lost myself. I only had room to grow to truly find who I really am. When I came to Northpoint I though I wouldn’t like it because I wasn’t someone who liked being outdoors. After my first hike I actually liked it. I really didn’t know anyone who was hiking with me so I kept to myself. After this trip I started growing out of my bubble. I found myself showing people who I really am instead of letting them think that I’m this quiet girl who wants to be alone.

My attitude towards everything has changed. Instead of thinking “what’s the point of this?” I think about “ how this is making me a better person” --JACINDA

You would think that school is a place where students sit for seven hours a day in their own bubble and occasionally interact with others on a surface level. That is what I expected, but Northpoint changed that. From being drenched from rain in the middle of the woods in a failing tent to all coming to the realization that this would be our last year together in the deep canyons of the Colorado river, crew has changed me as a person. It has changed me socially, morally and emotionally. --HANS

This school has offered me so many great opportunities that I would not have had if I did not attend Northpoint. It has also opened my eyes to new ideas and a different, and I believe a better, way of learning.

I feel that this school has prepared me the best that I could be for the real world. It has taught me the skills that I will need to be successful in the real world, when I am alone. I came to Northpoint because I did not do well in traditional school while I was in middle school. The choice to come here has only benefited me. The hands on learning, is what is best for me. I strongly believe that I would not be a good student, and I would not know nearly as much as I do now, if I went to a different school. --LINDSEY

My name is Lindsey and I have attended Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy for all four years. It has truly been a life changing experience. When I first came as a freshman I had very low self esteem and I was shy.  I came to Northpoint just because my two best friends were going and because it had smaller class sizes which was less intimidating. Northpoint has taught me to open my mind and stand up for what I believe. The teachers have given me information necessary to form an opinion on relevant issues that are happening in our world today. They have taught me to be aware of what is going on because ignorance is never an excuse. I have learned a lot about myself by attending Northpoint. I am a very visual and hands on learner which is exactly why I do well at Northpoint. Sophomore year I was inspired by the Tipping Points expedition and decided to create my own group called Change the World Club. As a group we looked at issues locally, nationally, and globally. We planted trees and painted a mural at a park, we organized fundraising events to raise money for World Children’s Relief Fund and Save the Peaks, and we did a lot of community service.

I believe crew has really helped me prepare by helping learn how to build positive relationships in a community. Going to a new place will be exciting but I will always miss Northpoint’s community. I plan to visit whenever I come up to Prescott because this school has changed my life for the better.--LINDSEY

At Northpoint I have been able to be the kind of person I want to be, and every step of the way I have been supported in that.

Before going to Northpoint I would have rather died then make a speech in front of strangers. I will always have fears that I’ll do something unforgivably embarrassing, but when need be I’m ok with public speaking, which is leaps and bounds beyond where I ever imagined I would be.

Northpoint has always been about teaching us how to go out and be ready for the real world, and the idea of this senior project was a great way of doing that.

Being able to go out and truly do the kind of work that I was good at and interested in showed me a whole different way of being in school. This I think really helped to prepare me more for what I should expect in college. Although college students don’t always make their own classes, they have much more freedom on what topics they want to study. When we were in New Orleans we were also able to visit Tulane University and use their libraries for our research, which I’m pretty sure made all of us feel very mature and ready to go out to the world. --MAYA

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