Northpoint is a place where teens are safe to be themselves

Northpoint nurtures our future leaders.

Northpoint...where students thrive and not only survive high school.

Northpoint... where learning is doing.

Northpoint...where teens can explore their communities and world.

Northpoint...a high school that meets the academic, emotional and social needs of teens.

Northpoint...where teens experience trust, joy and empowerment.

We Are Northpoint!

I remember when Northpoint was just a dream: a dream of a mother who envisioned a school that would not only nurture and challenge her son’s mind, but also his heart.  Fifteen years have passed and the dream is a reality.  Northpoint is thriving because its teachers, leaders, students, parents and community members value the principles that shape our daily intention of creating the healthiest and most vibrant learning community possible.

Information Video

Watching our Information Video is highly recommended and an important way to learn about Northpoint’s unique learning community

Please take a few minutes to watch this Informational Video about our Middle and High School.

Informational Video

Northpoint Staff

Northpoint teachers, administrators and support staff are an incredible group of people, because they have committed their professional lives to an endeavor that demands the attention of not only their minds, but also their hearts and souls. These highly trained and qualified educators believe they are making a difference in the lives of their students, and they are!

Join Our Learning Community

Are you ready? If you believe that high school can be more exciting and meaningful than the traditional lecture, notes and test routine, then Northpoint is for you.  What awaits you are teachers who are passionate about their work, students who are friendly and helpful, and work that is engaging, creative, and challenging.  These learning experiences will push you to think differently, to act boldly and stand-up for what you believe.  If you think you are ready to take your high school education to the next level, then you are the one we have been waiting for!

Meet Our Graduates

Northpoint Graduates on How Northpoint Prepared them for College and Career.

Learn About Our Focus

The articles below represent our values and work we are doing at Northpoint Academy.
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