Northpoint Staff


Bill Swenson

Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Financial Literacy: (Room 102)
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Place of Birth:
Phoenix, AZ

2 Brother in-laws, 1 Sister, 1 Sister in-law

College Degrees Held:
BS Mathematics, MS Math Education

Years Teaching:
5 Years

Favorite Movie:
Princess Bride

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Blue Bell’s Natural Vanilla Bean

Favorite Place Visited:

Favorite Board Game:

Favorite Condiment:

Favorite Cartoon Character:
Scooby Doo


“What inspires me to be a teacher…”

Student’s creativity and joy inspires me to be a teacher. When any student looks at a tough problem (mathematical or otherwise) and begins to see it from a new perspective, they can turn it from an insurmountable pile of rubble into a bridge to greater learning. Anytime that I can encourage students to persevere in mathematics, and find excitement in their success, I am encouraged to keep teaching.