Thank you for your interest in Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy!

Students in grades 7–12 from the tri-city area are welcome to apply for enrollment.


Please click on the bars below to view enrollment information. Read the enrollment policies carefully and submit an Online Application below to be considered.

Enrollment Policies / Lottery Information:
Enrollment Policies

Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy shall enroll all pupils who submit a completed enrollment packet prior to March 31, unless the number of pupils exceeds the noted capacity of any given class (25). If capacity is insufficient to enroll all eligible pupils who submit an enrollment packet prior to March 31, then a lottery of all eligible applicants shall be conducted on April 1. All eligible pupils thereafter will be entered into a lottery, closing on the last day of each month, which shall be conducted on the first day of each month until the start of school. Additional lottery dates may be added as the start of school nears. Students will remain enrolled until a withdrawal is completed. Once enrolled, this procedure does not need to be repeated (except as stated below). Preference will be given in accordance with the law.

Lottery Information (ARS 15-184)

Northpoint will gather applications for the 2020/2021 school year until April 1, 2020. At that time a lottery will be conducted to fill all available spaces.  Students who apply after that date or are not drawn, will participate in the monthly lottery on the first day of each month until capacity is reached. While some grade levels are full, we do attempt to fill all slots as quickly as possible. Please complete the enrollment steps outlined below so you are ready to transfer if you are selected. DO NOT DISENROLL FROM YOUR CURRENT SCHOOL UNTIL YOU HEAR FROM US– it is important to keep up your grades, attendance and credit for transfer.

Enrollment process:
  1. INFORMATION SESSION- It is encouraged that all interested families attend information session, as Northpoint is a unique learning community and has many elements that we want to make sure your family is aware of in hopes of supporting your choice of high schools. If you are unable to to attend an information session on scheduled days, please contact office to set-up a meeting with the director.
  2. Enrollment PACKET- Must be delivered to the Northpoint office.

Enrollment Packet Includes:

  1. Northpoint Student Entrance Survey (Application) PLEASE FILL OUT THE ONLINE APPLICATION IN NEXT SECTION.
  2. Copy of transcript from most recent school attended if a transfer student. Transcript will be used for post-enrollment placement purposes.
  3. Copy of IEP/504 if applicable. Documents will be used for continuation of services.

INTERVIEW– After attending an information session or speaking with director we will schedule an interview and tour of school. This interview is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of our program and its academic, social and emotional expectations and for your family to ask questions. The interview will take forty-five minutes. Attending this interview does not determine your eligibility to attend Northpoint. If you feel Northpoint is the right fit, then you are enrolled after registration packet is complete.

Middle & High School Online Application:

All potential students must have a complete Northpoint Student Entrance Survey (Application) on file before we can move to the interview step. The attending student and a parent/guardian must attend the interview. This session will discuss some of the unique aspects of Expeditionary Learning and will also allow the family to ask program questions. Instructions: Begin the information process by completing the entire Northpoint Student Entrance Survey (Application) below.

Northpoint Student Entrance Survey (Application)