Northpoint Staff

Kyle Short

Spanish 1 (Room 114)

Place of BirthPlace of Birth
Dover, Delaware

1 Sister

B.A.College Degrees Held:
B.A. in Spanish Language

Years Teaching:
5 Years

Favorite Movie:
City of God

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Favorite Place Visited:
Granada, Spain

Board GameFavorite Board Game:

CondimentFavorite Condiment:
Honey Mustard

Favorite Cartoon Character:
Scooby Doo


“What inspires me to be a teacher…”

Ever since I can remember, I loved to break things. Not to be destructive, but to see what was inside that made my toys and gadgets work. Once something intrigues me, I will read and explore everything I can about that topic. Being able to share that with students on a day to day basis is what drives me to be a teacher. Every day is different, and a smile or an “aha!” moment from a student is more rewarding than any paycheck. Having the ability to not only teach my passion, Spanish, but to engage with students on the many levels that Northpoint provides lets me know that I am in the right place.