We Are Northpoint

I remember when Northpoint was just a dream: a dream of a mother who envisioned a school that would not only nurture and challenge her sons mind, but also his heart.  Ten years have passed and the dream is a reality.  Northpoint is thriving because its teachers, leaders, students, parents and community members value the principals that shape our daily intention of creating the healthiest and most vibrant learning community possible.

Everyday we come to learn about our hearts, because without knowing who we are, what we learn and do, has little value or relevance.

Everyday we come prepared to own our learning, care for ourselves and others, learn from our mistakes, and push our selves beyond what we think possible.

Everyday we come prepared to ask questions, to include everyone, find time for reflection, work together, think critically, be generous with praise and believe that every dream is achievable.

Our intention of creating a healthy and vibrant learning community is working to shape students who are thinkers and problem solvers.  They collaborate, and communicate, and understand the complexities of our world.   They stand up for what they believe and are ready to act on those beliefs if necessary.  Our students are being prepared to meet their world with courage, tenacity, hope and heart.   

We are Northpoint!